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Subject: College Cocks, part 5/8College Cocks, part 5 of 8 (M/T, T/T, w/s)—————————————————————————-
This is a story which involves sex between young males. If that is not your
thing, what are you doing here?
If you are under 18 in most jurisdictions, you should not be reading this,
but I Nudist Preteen
take no responsibility for
your actions. It takes place in an unspecified time and place and the
characters do not worry about HIV or AIDS. If you are sexually active in
today’s world, you should be aware of the risks.
———————————————-Authors note: Thanks to all who have written me about this story. I have
tried to reply to everyone, if I missed you, sorry.Yes, I have other
stories, yes, I will post them. The fan mail has been great. and there is
one man out there who knows how much his response meant to me. This is part
5 of an 8-part story. There will be a pause here while your author goes on
vacation, but parts 6-8 will be posted next week. Stand by, the story of BC
and Bill does have an ending. Love you all, keep those cards and letters
CHAPTER 5 After we showered and sort of half-dressed, Larry went down to the
lobby and brought up the Sunday paper. While we leafed through it, I looked
up to find him grinning at me. It was the grin full of mischief. “Okay,
what’s on your mind, stud?”
“Well, I was just wondering about those ‘categories’ you were talking
about last night. Do fuck-buddies share tricks with each other? Like if one
of them had a trick who was already hot for the other, say? I seem to
remember you saying something about a plan?”
“Uh-huh. Okay, stud. I had a tentative date with my hot young friend
for tonight anyway. I was thinking of calling him yesterday to ask him if
he’d mind if I brought my roomie along. But then I decided I’d rather see
the look on his face when he finds out it’s you. I thought we’d just both
show up. How’s that grab you?”
“Sounds good, and I figure if you think he’s hot and cute, I probably
will, too. Who is this guy?”
“Another junior. Name’s Tim Pollard.”
“Pollard … oh wait, I know! Trim little body, bright red hair?”
“That’s our Timmy. You know him?”
“Barely. We’ve met but that’s about it. Bowler’s not that big, after
all. But I’ve noticed him, and he is cute as hell. You got yourself a
double date, ‘Buddy’!”
I was amused. “So, the self-deception wasn’t complete enough to keep
you from looking, anyway.”
“Oh, I’ve looked, all right. How do you think I fueled all those ‘wet
dreams’ of mine?” We laughed together.
I had my own plans for this little surprise evening, and since Tim was
only expecting me, I wasn’t sure how much beer he’d have. Madison County,
where Bowler was located was ridiculously dry on Sundays, but right across
the county line was a grocery store in Dalton county that looked like the
Bowler Student Union on Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t hard to find someone in
the dorm with a car who was planning a brew run, and so Larry Joe and I
headed for Tim’s studio that evening with a six-pack in hand as a house
gift. I rang the bell, having positioned Larry Joe so Tim wouldn’t see him
immediately when he opened the door. In a moment, the door opened onto
Tim’s sunny smile. “Hiya, sex fiend. Right on time. Come on in.”
“Hi, Tim. Nudist Preteen Uh, listen, I brought a buddy along, hope you don’t mind.” On
cue, Larry Joe stepped into the open door, and I wished I had brought a
camera. As I’d figured, Tim’s eyes became twin saucers and his lower jaw
literally dropped open. He actually stuttered a minute before he got his
“I. Uh, … Well, hi, B… I mean Larry! Uh, come in, come in!”
“Hi, Tim. Nice place you got here. Have to get off campus myself one of
these years.”
Timmy was still having trouble putting words together into complete
sentences, so I took over, taking the beer from Larry’s hands. “Brought you
some extra brews, but it isn’t that cold. I assume you’ve already got some
on ice?”
“Uh, sure, sure. In the fridge. Here, let me take that and chill it and
you come help me get some cold ones. Uh, Larry, look around; make yourself
comfortable.” I knew Tim was dying to get me apart and ask what the hell
was going on, and sure enough, as soon as we were in the small kitchen, he
half- whispered, “What’s with bringing B.C.? I thought we were gonna…”
I played innocent. “Gee, Tim, I thought you wanted to meet Larry
Joe. You said you’d…”
Larry laughed from the doorway, having followed us. As I opened the
refrigerator, he Nudist Preteen said, “Oh, Tim and I have met. We just haven’t had a
chance to really get to know each other. Like this.” He grabbed the smaller
redhead, pulling him into his arms, and for a while neither of them said a
word. I had experienced enough of Larry’s deep-tongue kisses to understand
why Tim was soon squirming in his hug. Larry’s hands slid down the hot
little redhead’s back to grip his extremely grippable butt, and Tim just
melted against him. When I figured they’d had enough time to let Tim know
exactly why Larry Joe had come with me, I loudly Nudist Preteen popped open the three cold
beers I’d taken out.
“Ahem, as the man said. If you two would rather be alone for a few
Larry pulled his mouth off Tim’s, grinning, and reached out to pull me
close to both of them. “Uhn-uhn. Ain’t nobody going nowhere tonight, unless
it’s to bed. But I already know how much fun it is kissing you. Wanted to
see if Tim here liked it too.”
“Kissing? Was that what you were doing? Jesus, honey, I feel like I’ve
been molested!” Tim took the beer I offered, I think partly to steady
himself. “That was not, by the way, a complaint!” He looked back and forth
between our grinning faces. “Okay! I have no intention at all of looking a
gift horse in the mouth. Hmmm, ‘gift horse’ might just be appropriate. But
you two know what’s going on here, and it’s my house, so it’s only fair
that you let me in on it. You have five minutes to explain why this
fabulous hunk of man is in my kitchen with his tongue wrapped around my
tonsils before I strip everybody naked and rape you both.”
I chuckled when we headed into the main room. “You can’t rape the
“Watch me. So, what gives? I can’t believe it! Every guy who knows the
score at Bowler has been hot for you since you hit campus, Weaver. And
you’ve been holding out until this oversexed transfer hit town?”
Larry grinned, flattered and amused at the same time. “Worse than that.
Until your pal there threatened to beat me up, I’d been holding out on
myself, too.”
“I did not threaten…”
“Oh, yes you did. And you’d have been justified, too. No, Tim, I am
gay, and I have been for a while, only I wouldn’t or couldn’t let myself
admit Nudist Preteen it. I didn’t count on this hunk’s stubborn honesty, though.”
“I think I just happened to hit you at the right time. You were ready
to come out of that closet anyway, all you needed was somebody to Nudist Preteen knock on
the door.”
“Probably right. But, I could have gotten a straight roommate from the
housing office, and stayed in a whole lot longer.”
I laughed. “I’d love to have been a fly on the wall if you got drunk
and waved that huge hardon in a straight roommate’s face.”
Timmy stood up at that, grinning from ear to ear. “Speaking of
which. My clock, like me, is fast, and the five minutes is up. I’ll get the
rest of the story in the wonderful afterglow of sex, but right now, if huge
hardons are going to be waved in anybody’s face, it had better be mine. You
two wanna strip, or shall I rip your clothes off your bodies?”
I winked at Larry Joe. “You can dress him up, but keeping him dressed
is a whole ‘nother problem.” And then Tim was all over me, grabbing at my
buttons. In a very short time, we were all three totally naked, and Tim
whistled in awe when the Boa, revealed, began to pump out to full size. He
sank to his knees in front of Larry’s crotch, reaching up to cradle the
huge ball sack Nudist Preteen under that rapidly rising pole.
“This is one gift horse I intend to take in the mouth, not look!” And
Larry Joe growled in passion when the horny redhead’s mouth engulfed half
of his mammoth prick in one gulp.
In seconds, Timmy was working that jawbreaker cock in earnest, and
Larry reached out, grabbing my arm and pulling me to him. We kissed hotly
and passionately, playing with each other’s tits until they stood up,
miniature erections on out chests. Before us, Timmy alternated between our
twin boners, sucking first one, then the other to the very base in his
hungry and very talented throat. It didn’t take long to get all three of us
hot and ready for some heavy sex.
“Bedtime, Buddy,” Larry Joe growled in my ear, and I just
nodded. Together we hauled Tim out of our groins and toward the bed. Larry
tossed the covers off with one sweep of his big arm, and in a minute, we
had Tim flat on his back between us. I knelt above his head, feeding my
stiff meat back down his throat, and getting no protest at all, while Larry
grabbed Tim’s already rising ankles, holding them up and apart while he
lunged into his groin and swallowed Tim’s hot hard dick to the red bush at
its base. Tim groaned around my throbbing shaft when Larry Joe began to
show him just how well he could suck a cock. “Don’t forget his balls,
Babe. He goes wild if you chew on his nuts,” I told my avidly sucking
roommate. I think the muffled growl around my pistoning organ translated as
“Oh, yes!” but it’s hard to say. It wasn’t easy for Tim to talk with eight
inches of rampant sex shoved between his slick lips.
Larry Joe obliged licking and chewing on Tim’s taut scrotum until the
poor kid was thrashing on the bed between us, the double stimulation
driving him crazy. We soon switched him around, with Tim on his knees
swallowing Larry’s immense dick to the balls, while I sprawled behind him,
eating out his hot, oh- so fuckable buns. My tongue stabbing in and out of
his quivering anus must have spurred him to even more intense efforts with
his mouth and throat, because a couple of minutes later, I heard a familiar
growl of lust well up out of Larry’s guts.
“OH yeah, man! Hot fucking mouth! Take it, take my whole dammed cock,
take my hot load! Gonna … gonna … UNGH! Oh shit, yes, I’m COMING!”
Tim’s head in his meaty hands, he pulled the redhead all the way down on
his erupting meat, unleashing what I figured was a tidal wave of jism down
the suctioning, hastily swallowing gullet. Tim shuddered in passion at his
first experience of one of Nudist Preteen those monster Weaver orgasms, and I was sure
that he’d come in a second himself if I so much as touched his own
iron-rigid dick. I raised up from his hot sexy asshole to hold him while
Larry Joe flooded his mouth and throat with thick sweet cream. That brought
my own crotch up to the butt I had just so happily been eating, and as
Larry’s gasping slowed with the end of his climax, my eight plus stiff
inches slid right into Tim’s spit-lubed anus like it was tailored to fit.
He groaned in pleasure around Larry’s dick, which I was Nudist Preteen certain was
still hard as a rock, Nudist Preteen while I filled him up from Nudist Preteen
the other end. Suspended
between our hard tools, Timmy squirmed in unadulterated sexheat while I
started to long-dick his grasping rectal channel. Larry grinned at me and
reached across Tim’s heaving back to grab my swollen tits. Pinching and
tugging at them, he sent shock waves of pleasure through my whole body
while my cock pounded in and out of the redhead’s incredible hole over and
over again. Using my nipples, my hunk of a roommate pulled me closer and
closer, and the instant his tongue snaked out into my mouth, I felt my
balls explode and my spunk geysered out of the slit in my throbbing pole,
spurting my load into Timmy’s guts.
Larry Joe was running this show now, and he kissed me until he sensed
my climax subside. Then he eased the still-moaning junior forward, off my
still- stiff member, and once again flipped him over. Tim’s dick was like a
steel rod, jutting up from his auburn thatch Nudist Preteen like a flagpole. I reached
down to stroke it, feeling the heat of his excitement through the skin,
while Larry Joe once again pushed his legs up toward his chest. Timmy
gasped in lust when Larry moved between his spread-eagled legs. “Oh, God,
yes! Stud! Fuck me with that huge dick. Fuck me in Bill’s hot come! Oh,
please! Do It! Auugghh!”
Larry aimed the head of his monster hardon right for the puckered hole
that was still dripping from my load, cocked his hips, and slammed it home,
impaling Timmy on all ten hard inches in one fast deep stroke. The
over-stimulated number let out a long howl of sheer ecstasy, and just when
Larry’s unbelievable prick touched bottom in his guts, his own thick rod
erupted in my grip. Thick bolts of come arched out of the jerking shaft,
spraying me, Larry and Tim himself with a phenomenal amount of hot white
sap. The shuddering orgasm went on and on, until he was covered with jism,
and his whole body trembled and shook as the passion released itself from
his spasming nuts.
Finally, Tim’s phenomenal climax ebbed. Still imbedded balls deep in
his stretched asshole, Larry grinned down at him. “You okay, guy?”
“Hell no, I’m fucking fabulous!”
“Good.” Larry grinned even wider, lifting Tim’s legs back to his
shoulders, “Cause that hot little butt of yours is about to get royally
screwed all over again.”
I could have told Tim that Larry never made a promise like that that he
didn’t keep, but from his immediate growl of assent, I don’t think I needed
to tell him anything. Larry Joe settled in for a long hot assault on
Timmy’s ass, and I couldn’t Nudist Preteen
tell who was enjoying it more. As for me, I was
getting hot all over again, and realized I’d never had a chance to really
watch the B.C. in action, since I’d always been too busy receiving that
And it sure was fun watching my hung stud of a roommate fucking Timmy’s
extremely willing ass. I stayed close, feeling both of them up, adding to
their pleasure, while I watched over ten inches of solid male flesh pound
in and out of that wide-stretched ring of muscle. Timmy’s hole grabbed at
the plunging rod as if it was consciously swallowing it. The battered anus
caved inward as Larry plunged in, then clung to the huge shaft on the
backstroke, as if trying to keep it all inside.
Larry’s beautiful butt flexed while he used his muscular hips to drive
his horse-dick in and out of the come-lubed channel. The force of his fuck
drove some of my load out, streaking the pistoning rod with cream. I leaned
over Timmy to chew on his nipples while Larry Joe reamed his butt, licking
the puddles of his still-warm load off his smooth sexy chest. Soon he
pulled me around to slurp my rubbery prick back into his hot mouth. Once
again, he had both our dicks in him, and his own was still ramrod stiff.
I wasn’t quite ready to climax again, but Timmy’s suctioning throat
still felt fabulous around my trapped meat, keeping it, and me, on a
wonderful plateau of sexual excitement. But I could also tell that Larry
was building up to his second eruption. I grinned, reaching across the
heaving body between us to tug at his tender nipples, just as he had done
for me. “Yeah, stud! Really hot. Fuck that hot butt B.C., ram that huge
fucking dick of yours all the way up to his stomach!”
“You know it! Grab those tits, man. Getting me hot! My hot cock feels
so good in this ass man! Gonna add my load to yours, Bill! I’m gonna shoot
my hot come into yours! Oh… OH… UNGGHH!”
“Oh, stud, do it! Fill his guts with that load! Ram that fucking meat
of yours to his stomach and turn it loose!”
“AHHH! Oh yes! Right! Fucking! NOW!” Timmy moaned even louder when
Larry Joe rammed that unbelievable shaft all the way into him, filling his
rectum with hard, swollen cock flesh. His muscular body tensed and rippled
while he pumped his jism out deep inside Tim’s inundated chute.
Finally, his orgasmic shudders ceased and we all collapsed in a pile of
sweaty, come-spattered flesh. The Boa pulled out of Nudist Preteen Tim’s incredibly
stretched hole with a wet soggy plop from the enormous amount of sex sap
that had been pumped inside it. We cradled the very well fucked redhead
between us, alternately kissing and stroking him until we all cooled back
down enough to breathe, at least.
Timmy finally got his senses, and voice, back. “Holy fucking Hannah! Do
you two rent out as a conquering army? I feel like I’ve been looted,
pillaged and raped by at least a regiment of Marines.”
I tousled his sweat-soaked hair. “Too much for you, hot stuff?”
“Who said anything about too much? I’m not about to complain, believe
me. However, I think that wave-like sound is from two or three gallons of
jism sloshing around inside me. Lord, Weaver, I don’t believe the fuck you
can throw that soon after pumping a horse-load into my throat. When was the
last time you shot off, Nudist Preteen Labor Day?”
Larry chuckled, “Uh, I think about nine this morning, right Bill?”
“Either that, or my ass had a very realistic wet dream. Don’t worry,
Tim. I think he has a couple of spare balls tucked away inside. I hope you
don’t think the evening is over.”
“God! I wonder if my funeral was a nice one? Hope everybody enjoyed it,
cause if this is heaven, I’m staying forever.” He looked down at
himself. “But even for heaven, I’m a mess!” His grin Nudist Preteen turned to mischief,
and I had a feeling I knew what was coming next. “How’d you two hot studs
like to give me a shower to wash some of this sticky stuff off before it
dries hard?”
Larry shifted. “Good idea. I gotta take a leak anyway. I chugged that
beer, and shot twice since.”
“B.C., you are my kind of man!” Timmy grinned. Larry cocked his head,
not getting it yet, but I was sure Timmy would make himself clear soon
enough. He did, and a very few moments later, the sexy redhead was lying in
the bottom of his bathtub, and now it was the look on Larry’s face I wanted
to record on film when Timmy begged us both to piss all over him, and I let
my bladder go, doing just that. Hot as ever from having his ass recently
plowed by my roommate’s huge dick, Tim was pounding on his own rampant
erection a mile a minute while I sprayed him from his balls to his
shoulders. A moment later, Larry grunted, and his hooded hose, still
enormous even soft, erupted in a rushing golden flood.
Timmy moaned in lust while Larry bathed him in an incredibly copious
river of urine. As I had noticed more than once, it was incredibly sexy
watching his heavy uncut organ in full flow, and Tim was really getting
off. “Oh Jesus, yes, B.C.! Right on my balls. Piss right on my hot nuts,
man, gonna … Uh! Gonna shoot! Oh fuck, yes, I’m coming!” I had already
finished, and Nudist Preteen as my hot little friend blasted more come all over his piss
drenched belly, I bent down, catching Larry’s thick meat in my lips while
the last of his bladderful jetted out.
The body-warm fluid was richly flavored, tangy and hot in my mouth. As
it trickled to an end, I swallowed the tangy mouthful. Larry groaned above
me, holding my head to his crotch with one hand, his rubbery tool fully
sheathed in my mouth.
Laughing, Timmy allowed as how he really needed a shower now, a soap
and water variety. “You guys grab some beers and make yourselves to home,
as they say. Only don’t start anything really fun without me, I’ll be out
in a few shakes.”
When we headed back into the all-purpose main room, Larry shook his
head. “Fucking wild! Uh, I take it that isn’t the first time you two have
… I mean..”
I rescued him. “The Golden Shower scene? No. As a matter of fact, it
was Timmy who got me into that. I don’t know if I could get into that as
the main trip, all the time, but it does add a little zip to a hot
scene. You didn’t seem exactly turned off, either.”
“I’d be lying if I said I was,” he laughed, “but I think I’ve, uh, come
farther in the last couple of days than Nudist Preteen in my first nineteen years. Last
week, if somebody had told me how I’d be spending this evening, I’d have
thought he’d lost his fucking mind.”
True to his word, Timmy was back in a Nudist Preteen very few minutes, cute and damp
from his shower. The three of us just talked for a while Nudist Preteen
over beers, but we
were all still stark naked, and particularly with Timmy in the room, things
soon started to heat up again. I swear that kid could exhaust an entire
army all by himself. He’d been keeping score, and decided that I was one
orgasm behind him and Larry Joe. The next thing I knew, the two of them
ganged up on me, and trapping me on the bed between them, took turns
driving me up the wall.
Larry Joe sucked and nibbled on my tender nipples while Tim used his
expert tongue to get my half-hard cock back to full, roaring erection. Then
Larry deep- throated that for a while I sat on Timmy’s eager face with his
tongue buried up my asshole. The two sex-fiends turned me every way but
loose between them until I was whimpering in sheer lust and begging to get
Larry Joe finally maneuvered us into position to fulfill my first
fantasy when he had suggested a three-way with Timmy. The cute redhead lay
on his back on the bed, right at the edge, and I stood next to the bed,
lifting his lithe legs to his shoulders and opening his ass. He’d already
been stud-fucked twice, and my steel-hard prick slid right in to the very
base. Behind me, Larry Joe bent me forward, and a moment later I sighed in
double pleasure when his reawakened giant butt-rammer split my own asshole,
driving ten inches of thick manhood into my guts. Once he had it fully
imbedded inside me, Larry Joe grabbed my hips and just cut loose.
I was in Nudist Preteen
heaven, with my own hard shaft buried in Tim’s always hot fuck
hole, and the mammoth pole I was coming Nudist Preteen to love impaling me. As the cream
in the Oreo, all I had to do was hold on while Larry established our
rhythm. Again and again his long rod plowed into my guts, every thrust
slamming me forward into Tim’s grasping chute. It felt like Larry Joe had
gone straight through me, and was fucking Tim with my cock on his like a
rubber. They had already built my balls up to damn near explosion level,
and it only took a couple of minutes of the phenomenal double fuck before I
was moaning in orgasmic passion.
“Oh stud, do it! Split me open with that incredible cock. All the way
to the balls, man, ram it home! And that hot asshole around my dick is
driving me wild! Oh, God, I can’t hold … I gotta shoot, you two are
… Ungh … too … Ungh… Fucking … ARRGGHH!” My cock went off like a
shotgun, blasting a double-barreled load of searing hot cream deep in
Timmy’s guts while my stretched hole slammed shut around the ten-inch
monster plunging in and out of it. Even as I emptied my nuts inside Tim, I
felt Larry’s enormous shaft swell even larger and another unbelievable load
from his distended balls gushed out inside my rectum.
Timmy was pulling on his own hard rod, grunting in heat while my hot
roommate and I each flooded the respective assholes that held our
dicks. But Larry had obviously had enough of watching Tim’s cream splatter
his body, and when we disentangled, he grabbed the smaller, sexy youth and
swallowed his meat to the very root. I grinned in complete satisfaction
while I watched my roomie demonstrate to the over stimulated little hunk
just how expert he was at sucking a man’s dick. In a very few minutes, the
redhead was growling in passion as he emptied his swollen balls down
Larry’s eager, suctioning throat.
As ready, willing and able as my two friends were, there are limits to
anyone’s capacity for non-stop sex, and that last round had just about done
us all in. We cuddled a while, naked and sweaty on Tim’s thoroughly rumpled
bed. Larry chuckled, and Tim and I looked at him questioningly.
“I just decided that I really like having two nude and very sexy men in
bed with me,” the big blonde declared.
“Any time, stud, any time. Jesus, I still can’t believe it! Do you know
there are at least twenty men on this campus who would willingly murder to
trade places with me right this minute? Half of them would probably kill
their mothers!”
“You know, a guy could get a swelled head from this,” Larry grinned.
“Hmmm. I’d rather see another part of you swelled again.”
“Lord, not tonight. Between you and Bill, you’re gonna wear it down to
a nub! Let’s save something for the next time.”
“That goes for me, too,” I added. “Even us sex maniacs gotta rest every
once in a while.” I grinned at Tim. “How about a beer for the road,
“Ha! Look who’s calling kettles purple? Okay, cold beers coming up. But
you guys never finished explaining how come I am entertaining two gentlemen
callers tonight instead of one. What did you do, Bill, take advantage of
him in the showers?”
“Fraid you’ve got it backwards, little buddy. I will gladly admit I was
lusting after that moderately adequate bod, but not at all sure that a pass
wouldn’t get me knocked into next term, when he jumped me.”
“I’m sure you resisted his advances manfully, too.”
Larry laughed. Nudist Preteen “There really isn’t that much to tell. I’ve been, uh,
messing around for a while, but I always had to get sloshed first, and
always pretended the next day that I didn’t remember anything. I thought I
was gonna get away with it again this year, but Bill wasn’t having any of
my crap. Thank God, I might add. I was getting tired of it myself.”
“Uh-huh. That leads me to my next question, but I’m not sure if I ought
to ask it or not.”
I laughed. “It’s a little late to worry about getting too personal.”
“Guess you’re right. Okay, uh, how out of the closet are you, Larry? Or
how far out do you intend to come? Would you rather I didn’t Nudist Preteen follow my
basest impulses and make several of my friends green-eyed with sheer
jealousy by tomorrow? The gay group on campus is pretty discreet. I mean,
most of ‘em don’t drop hairpins in the Student Union, or broadcast their
sexual preferences to the world at large. But within the group, the old
grapevine is faster than a speeding bullet. Do I have to keep this visit
under my hat, or are you ready to ‘go public’, as it were.”
Larry’s look was wry. “Uh, yeah. How about that beer?” While Timmy got
the beers, he continued, raising his voice so we both could hear. “I’ve
thought about that a couple of times since Bill got me to take off the
blinders. Whenever he’s left me alone long enough to think about anything
other than sex, that is. And I really don’t know. Thanks.” Tim was back
with three cold ones. Larry grinned slyly as he continued.
“It has occurred to me that I could just possibly take advantage of the
current Nudist Preteen situation for a while. If I’m to believe you and Bill, and there
are a bunch of guys on campus drooling over me, maybe I ought to start
allowing them to, uh, ’seduce’ me, one by one. Let each one think he was
the first.”
“Ha!” I laughed, “Sure, they’ll believe that. Babe, even that first
night, when I wasn’t sure you were awake, I was Nudist Preteen sure you were not all that
completely inexperienced. Nobody sucks and fucks that good the first time
out. And it’s kind of hard to pass off ramming your tongue up a guy’s butt
as an accident. In case no one ever told you, straight boys don’t eat ass.”
Larry just grinned. “Guess you’re right, and I sure as hell ain’t gonna
just lie back and let some dude blow me. I’ve found out too many other ways
to have fun. So, what should I do? Walk into the Union naked and holler
‘Come and get it’?”
“Not unless you want to start a riot,” Timmy laughed. “Hmm, my evil
brain is churning with the possibilities. You like dancing, Larry?”
Larry shrugged, “Sure. Don’t get much of a chance these days, though.
I, uh, did not go so far in my self-deception as to date much.”
“You know Jerry Harlow?”
“Yeah, I met him last … Wait a minute. Is Jerry gay, too?”
“As a goose.”
“Well, I’ll be dammed. You got a directory or something? I have a
feeling I’m in for a few surprises.”
“Probably. Anyway, my lovelies, Jerry also has an apartment over on
Thornton, with a very nice large living room with a hardwood floor and a
really good sound system. Every month or so, he throws a big BYO dance
bash, much the hot parties in this burg. Guess who’s planning his first
such party on this very Friday? My good friend Jerry. I had already told
him about you being here, Bill, and he said to be sure to bring you. Just
about everybody will be there, and if you want to make a debut that will
set this place on its ears, Larry, that’s the time to do it.”
Larry grinned from ear to ear. “Uh huh. I like it. What do you think,
“I think I’d better book a carrel in the library to study my brains out
every afternoon this week. ‘Cause I’m planning to screw with you every
night. Once you get loose in the community, I’m probably going to have to
book time a month in advance.”
“Hey,” Tim protested, “what about me? Don’t I get to share in some of
the wealth for arranging your presentation to society?”
“Don’t worry, harlot,” I laughed, “there’s plenty to go around.” I
downed the last of my beer. “Right now, however, I am one pooped college
boy. Even we super-studs can’t fuck all the time. You ready to get some
clothes on and split, pardner?”
Larry Joe was, and even Tim must have had enough, though that was
extremely rare, because he only made a mock protest. Larry was in a very
good mood, whistling and smiling when we headed back toward our dorm. I
grinned over at him. “I may have said this before, but I still can’t get
over how easily you’ve handled all this once you decided to.”
“Hmm,” Larry grunted, “remember, I had spent almost a whole year not
handling it. It was about time.” He grinned suddenly, “You are right,
though. I’m as excited about that party on Friday as a fourteen-year old
kid who’s just lined up his first real date. I’m pretty sure I know one or
two gay guys on Nudist Preteen
campus, like that pal of Tim’s who was all eyes in gym last
year, and I can’t wait to see how they react to my walking in. And there
are a few guys I hope are there, because I’d like to see more than just
their faces!”
“As I feared. Looks like I’m gonna have to start making some new
contacts myself while you lay half the student body.”
Larry looked at me quickly, but my grin relaxed him. “Don’t worry,
fuck- buddy. In one sense, you were my first guy, and I gotta admit I sure
do dig balling with you. I’m not as convinced as you and Tim that I am
God’s gift to horny Bowler men, but I’ll always have time for my sexy
roommate, no matter how many other guys I get into the sack. Besides,
you’ve just showed me how Nudist Preteen
much fun more than two studs can have, and Nudist Preteen you
are even more of a new face around here than I am. What say we fuck the
whole campus together?”
“All right, pal! Forget that double bed you wanted. Let’s just move all
the Nudist Preteen furniture out of our room and cover the floor with mattresses!”
“Bill and Larry’s fuck parlor!” He laughed. “Abandon clothes all ye who
enter here!” We were still chuckling when we got back to the dorm, and
found Danny Constantine in our hallway.
“Hi, guys! Wondered where the hell you were.”
“Been partying,” Larry grinned. He pushed open our door. “Come on in
and shoot the shit with us while we re-decorate.”
I couldn’t help but laugh, partly at Danny’s bemusement. “Huh? Did you
say re-decorate? What in hell are you talking about, B.C.?”
“Nothing’. Roomie joke. Where’s Tom, speaking of roomies?” He shucked
his shirt the minute he walked in the room, as usual, and I watched our
Danny’s dark eyes devour his admittedly very attractive chest.
“Cramming for a Chem test. I got bored and thought I’d drift over here
and see if you guys were up to anything. When you weren’t here, I headed
over to the Union, but nobody much was there, either. What’s going on,
everybody around this place suddenly decide to become students? And where
were you partying on a Sunday night in this god-forsaken and blue law
ridden backwater?”
“We were at a friend of mine’s place,” I said, “off-campus.”
“Yeah,” Larry said with a perfectly straight face. “Studying.” I tried
to suppress a giggle, not entirely successfully.
“Bullshit, studying.” Danny grinned at the two of us.
“Hey, I learned a lot tonight.” I didn’t know how in hell he managed to
act so sincere. I was on the verge Nudist Preteen of breaking up completely.
“Oh yeah? So, where are your books, turkey? Shit, Weaver, you don’t
know how to study. Hmm, this friend of Bill’s wouldn’t happen to be a
female, by chance? Have you two been sneaking off to get laid?”
That did it. To Danny’s complete confusion, Larry Joe and I both
collapsed on our beds, howling in uncontrolled hysteria. I laughed until
tears were running down my cheeks while the dark sophomore just looked back
and forth from one to the other of us, trying to ask what in hell was so
funny. Larry got his voice back first. “Oh God, caught! Caught in the
act. Yes, Danny, my old friend, you have hit it. We have been to an orgy!
Scores, no, hundreds of beautiful women throwing themselves at our
feet. And other assorted portions of our bodies. It was a scandal the likes
of which Bowler has never seen!” He burst into the giggles again, throwing
himself back on the bed and holding his sides.
“I give up. You two are crazy. Pure fucking crazy.”
“No, Danny,” I choked out between guffaws, “pure crazy from fucking!
Haven’t you heard? Too much sex rots your brain! ‘Tis lust that’s driven us
round the bend!” Finally I managed to get control of myself. “Don’t believe
a word that man says, officer, he lies through his teeth,” I said, pointing
at Larry. “We just had a few beers with an old friend of mine. Male
“Oh, God!” Larry was coming down at last. “Sorry, Dan, old boy, you
just hit us in a silly mood.” He sat up, still chuckling. “And speaking of
beers, I gotta take a whiz. You guys sit tight, I’ll be right back.”
I waited until he was half out the door. “Don’t do anything over there
I wouldn’t do.”
“Oh, lord!” he howled, and went off down the hall, laughing like a
maniac again. Danny looked after him like his friend really had lost his
mind completely, then looked back at me.
“Another roomie joke?”
“Just what have you two been up to?”
“My lips are sealed,” I said, affecting a mysterious air. “Gentlemen
never tells tales.” I dropped the act. “Forget it, Danny, Larry Joe was
right, we’re just in a goofy mood tonight.” And I was also in a somewhat
curious mood. I stood up, unbuttoning my shirt. “You don’t mind if I get
more comfortable, do you?”
“Huh? Oh, no, go right ahead. Your room, after all.” I watched him
while I stripped down to my jockeys. The poor kid was trying to watch me
without seeming to, but his eyes followed every item of clothing off my
body. Just as I got down to briefs, Larry Joe returned and also started
peeling. Danny was risking eyestrain.
Larry sprawled on his bed, with his crotch spread wide open while we
just chatted a while. The reason for his nickname pooled in the pouch of
his briefs, making an extremely respectable bulge, as usual. Danny had
positioned himself in a chair that gave him a clear view right at it, of
course. At one point while he was saying something completely innocuous,
Larry Joe absent-mindedly reached down to scratch his nuts, pushing the
contents of his Jockeys around when he did so. I’m sure he wasn’t doing it
consciously, but my eyes flicked over at Danny, and the kid was all but
squirming in the chair.
Finally, I don’t think he could stand it anymore. “Well, guys, it’s
getting late, I guess. I’d better get back to my dorm.”
“Yeah,” Larry agreed, stretching luxuriously. Every single one of his
muscles rippled an effect that young Mr. Constantine did not miss. “Me too.
I’m pooped from all that studying tonight,” he giggled.
“Lord,” Danny stood up, “if you two are gonna start that crap again, I
know I’m going.” I checked his crotch. Yup. His jeans were definitely more
distended than usual. “See you tomorrow?”
“Sure,” I said. “Don’t you always?”
After he left, Larry Joe grinned at me. “You know, you almost did me in
with that crack when I was going to the head. You think Danny had any idea
at all why we were so amused?”
“Nope. Poor guy was completely at sea. I know he’s convinced we were up
to no good, and would absolutely love to know the details, but hasn’t the
“Hmmm. You know, if we’re going to embark on that campaign to screw the
entire willing male population of Bowler, I sure would not mind starting
off with our old buddy Danny. That little fuck is cute as the day is long,
and what an ass!” He stripped out of the briefs, getting ready for bed. The
sight of Larry Joe naked was one I doubted I’d ever tire of.
“Tell me. He’s so cute he’s almost pretty. I also have the distinct
feeling it would not be all that hard to convince him, either.”
“Uh huh,” Larry chuckled. “He does seem to spend a lot of his time
staring at either my crotch or yours, doesn’t he?” He ran a hand through
his, shaking out the newly freed Boa. I couldn’t believe it, but I felt my
own dick pumping up, coming back to life.
“Well, I can’t blame him for that, babe. Your crotch is definitely not
hard on the eyes.” I grinned my best and most seductive leer. “You really
had enough for the night, stud?”
“Good God, Nudist Preteen
I think you’re serious! As hot as you are, and as sexy as
that meat of yours is, yes, I really do think I’m done in. Can’t imagine
why, I’ve only had…” he paused, mentally ticking off fingers, “six
orgasms since we came home from the Tube last night. Hell man, that’s an
average of one every four hours. Don’t you ever get enough?”
“I guess you’re right, but Jesus, I get horny every time you strip
He laughed. “I think I have a pair of pajamas somewhere in one of those
drawers. Want me to start wearing them?”
“No way. I’ll deal with my horns instead.”
“Come here, sexy, but hit the light first,” he grinned, sliding into
his bed.
“Does this mean you’ve changed your mind, Mr. Weaver?”
“No, but I Nudist Preteen
never said I wanted to sleep alone. Let’s just cuddle.”
Who could turn down an invitation like that? I killed the light,
latched the door, and a moment later sighed when I slipped into his bed,
wrapping my arms around his beautiful body. Cuddling with Larry was almost
as much fun as fucking with anybody else. The only problem was, nobody had
convinced my dick that all we were going to do was cuddle.
After a while, when it was obvious my hardon was with us to stay, Larry
chuckled, and kissing me like he meant it, he rolled over, back to my
chest, and shoved his ass back into my aroused groin. I wet my fingers with
a generous amount of spit and transferred it to his snug hole. A moment
later we both moaned softly when my rigid pole slid home into the warm
depths of his very fuckable butt. I pumped slowly in and out of the
grasping sheath for a while, tenderly kissing the back of Larry’s neck. He
was sighing with pleasure at the slow internal massage, but then I realized
that those sighs were awfully regular. I paused to listen.
I smiled in the darkness. This time Larry wasn’t pretending; those
weren’t sighs anymore but snores. My sexy roommate was out like a log,
with my log up his rear end. I snuggled in close, realizing I didn’t really
need or want to climax anyway. Very shortly, I too drifted off, my
still-hard cock still buried inside him.
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